Closing Referral Loops

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As a healthcare provider, your patient’s safety and health outcomes are probably your top priorities. And referring them to other providers in your network who can help them with issues outside of the scope of your work probably feels like a natural next step. After all, who better to send them to than someone you personally know and trust?

But referrals also have downsides. When they aren’t properly tracked, unique problems can arise. Maybe the patient doesn’t make an appointment with the referred provider, leaving their condition untreated. If they do seek treatment from the referred physicians, notes from that provider may not make their way back to you, leaving you unaware of important diagnoses that might affect the treatments you administer.  These “open referral loops,” as they’re called, can be frustrating and even dangerous for patients.

That’s why we designed the webinar “Closing Referral Loops.” This webinar will cover solutions to keep patient information exact, timely, and correct by properly track referrals through these categories:

  1. Promoting Interoperability
  2. Improvement Activity
  3. Quality

We’ll look at each category in-depth to understand how these measures can be met and how important they are to each MIPS eligible Provider. In the end, you’ll understand the importance of closing referral loops and how to safely track your patient’s care, even when you aren’t the one providing it.

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About the speakers

Charlotte Holly brings over 14 years of customer service and business knowledge to our team. Charlotte has successfully implemented processes to meet government requirements while simultaneously meeting the financial goals of her clients in the public and private sectors. Charlotte has an extensive background in understanding, processing, and communicating complex information to her clients all while maintaining the highest of customer service standards.