Looking Ahead – 2023 Proposed Rule Overview


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What’s on the horizon for MIPS and MVPs in 2023 and beyond? The Quality Payment Program’s 2023 Proposed Rule was released. Think of it as a preview for what CMS is planning to implement for next year. While it isn’t the official 2023 Final Rule, which should be released in November 2022, the 2023 Proposed Rule gives you a “heads-up” as to possible changes to the rules for next year.

Why should you be concerned with anything but the Final Rule? Because planning to implement changes starts now. The 2023 performance year starts January 1st, which only gives about 1-2 months to implement the workflow changes needed to meet the 2023 requirements. It’s best to start thinking about how you’ll implement the possible changes now to have the best start to the 2023 performance year.

The webinar “Looking Ahead – 2023 Proposed Rule Overview,” will help you with this. We distill down the changes that may affect you for the 2023 Performance Year. Things to consider as you listen to this webinar:

  • What Quality measures are being retired? Do I need to choose new measures to replace the retired ones?
  • Promoting Interoperability doesn’t look the same as it has in the past. Does my clinic need to implement new workflows?
  • What’s new in Improvement Activities? Which activities are possible removals?
  • What can we expect for the 2023 performance threshold? What are possible repercussions to keep in mind?
  • What is going on with MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs)?

Knowing the possible changes will give your clinic’s preparedness a boost. Plan now to start the 2023 Performance Year off right by signing up for “Looking Ahead – 2023 Proposed Rule Overview.”

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About the speakers

Katie Buckholtz has led and assisted hundreds of clinicians across the United States towards maximizing their MIPS and APM payment incentives for the CMS Quality Payment Program. Prior to this, Katie had a 10-year clinical background in ophthalmology and optometry, which included experience with managing the practice’s participation in the Meaningful Use, PQRS, and MACRA programs. She is currently the Director of Business Development for Clinical Quality Experts.