Understanding SAFER GUIDES – A New MIPS PI Requirement
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Mastering the MIPS Audit File – Preparing and Protecting Your Practice Through Documentation, Action, and Knowledge

It is more realistic to ask yourself when you will be audited by CMS in relation to the MIPS or Promoting Interoperability (PI) Incentive Programs, rather than IF and preparation is necessary to make or retain your payment.  By having accurate and thorough documentation in your MIPS audit file you will be ready to successfully navigate the CMS audit.

In this webinar, Lora Woltz, ONC HIT Certification Manager for Eye Care Leaders, LLC, and the Director of Operations for Clinical Quality Experts, will discuss the MIPS auditing process and how best to prepare for a MIPS or PI audit:


  • Understanding the audit – We will review types of audits, their timelines and what happens if you are non-compliant.
  • Document Requirements and Recommendations – Are you ready to provide the evidence to back up your attestations?  Are you sure you are really collecting, storing, and organizing the documentation you need for all the MIPS categories? Find out what goes into creating a truly robust audit file.
  • Action Requirements and Recommendations – Who manages your audit file?  Where is it stored?  What is in it?  Why is it in there?  Learn about best practices to maintain ownership of the audit file.
  • I’ve been audited…now what? Know who, what and when so that you don’t risk non-compliance penalties.
  • How to avoid red flags – Prevention is always better than needing a cure.  Do your Quality measures make sense when compared to Promoting Interoperability calculations? Learn how to avoid some of the mistakes that might targeted your practice for a MIPS audit.

About the speaker

Lora Woltz

Lora Woltz is the Director of Operations for Clinical Quality Experts. With over 30 years working in healthcare, Lora Woltz brings her experience with clinical and patient care, health insurance referral and eligibility management applications, as well EHR software support to the team. Lora is an expert in compliance support for CMS incentive programs ranging from early Meaningful Use to present day MACRA.